Why do we read Scripture together in our Growth Groups?

Why do we read Scripture together in our Growth Groups? New Testament scholar NT Wright compares Scripture to a five-act play, full of drama and surprise, wherein the people of God are invited into the story to improvise the final act. We enter the narrative to see how our stories interact with the epic drama of God’s redemption of the world. Every page of the Bible offers us an invitation—to ask questions, to wonder about why Jesus does what he does, to seek to know the mind of the Creator and Redeemer. And all biblical devotion is to allow us to be “thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:17). At PasCov, we are committed to being captivated by God’s Word together!

As Rachel Held Evans wrote in her final book, Inspired,“God is still breathing. The Bible is both inspired and inspiring. Our job is to ready the sails and gather the embers, to discuss and debate, and like the biblical character Jacob, to wrestle with the mystery until God gives us a blessing. If you’re curious, you will never leave the text without learning something new. If you’re persistent, you just might leave inspired.”

Grace and peace,

Anita Sorenson
Pastor for Spiritual Formation