Follow Me

"Follow me" is deeply personal. It means fundamentally taking on someone else’s character. That’s what we’re shooting for as we gently pay attention to where we are in relationship to God. Our goal is something like this: We’re coming, best we can, to a single-minded and joyous devotion to God and what he wants for us, and to service to him and to others through him and because of him.

We seek this formation in Christ through the process of a constant immersing ourselves, whatever it would take, in the will, the power and the presence of God. We are moving ourselves and being moved by him from self-worship to Christ-centered self-denial. Slowly, through the grace and power of God, this becomes our character.

Little by little, the spiritual disciplines help unbend our heart. They help untwist our motivations. They reorganize our loves. They fundamentally begin to reconstruct our desires. Spiritual disciplines are doing the little things day by day, moment by moment, that help us live into followership of Jesus Christ. We don’t do this because we’re earning anything from God, because we’re trying to get God to like us, or for any other religious reasons.

No, we’re doing it for practical reasons. That is, we came to Christ with habits of the heart. The truth of it is, some of those habits of the heart we had at 19 are still with us. Our only hope for being decent friends, parents, spouses, and leaders is to engage in the spiritual disciplines that help us live into followership of Christ. This is not rhetoric for us. This is the foundation of our lives.
Grace and peace,

Anita Sorenson
Pastor for Spiritual Formation

Anita Sorenson