Eagles Nests


I learned something new this week. Eagles return to the same nest year after year–a steadfast marriage of life long partners and domicile that is both touching and practical.  Generations of offspring are raised in the same tree, hatched upon the same branches lined with the same dirt and down and moss and foliage, then the soiled lining is removed by the parents after the fledglings fly.  After being washed clean in the winter rains, the parents return in the spring to replace the soft bedding for the next crop of eggs.  It is a cycle of comfort, of familiarity, and of commitment.
Churches sort of function like eagles nests also. Our home nest is Pasadena Covenant and these days it feels like our nest has been emptied a bit, as multiple staff members have moved on to follow the voice of the Spirit. We are experiencing their absence, feel the emptiness in the nest, yet also have begun to anticipate the next season that is to come. Search teams will do their discerning work, those who remain will hold the space until our ranks are filled out and we have a full leadership team. This rhythm of filling and emptying the nest is a familiar cycle in churches, at the staff level and in the congregation. As we ‘ready our bedding’ and prepare for the new life to come, our call is to stay committed and take good care of each other. There is a lot of work involved in sustaining ministry and caring well for those in our church family. All hands on deck! Listen for the Spirit who may be prompting you to say yes to leaning in to tend to our nest. 
Grace and peace,

Anita Sorenson
Pastor for Spiritual Formation